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St. Louis Graffiti wall
  • St. Louis Graffiti wall

    SKU: Graffiti Lighter

    "Life is what you make it.

    So what do you make of it?

    What is your legacy? Will

    you make a difference? What

    Will you be remembered at all?

    Every day you make an impact

    whether you acknowledge it or

    not. Each day you shape your self

    & the work through your choices

    make them good ones. each day

    we lead by example. Where are

    you leading those around you? is

    it to feast or famine? is it through

    love or hate? Do you do what you love?

    If not wy not? fear of failure

    other peoples Judgment?

    Only you can give the gift you

    have been given. brought  here to

    deliver  you can chose to shine

    or fade away, the choice is yours."
    ~artist Unknown.
    I photographed this spot on the St. Louis graffiti wall March 1st 2020.





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